Thursday, January 24, 2008

i are back

hello all. before i start, the 'save now' at the bottom of this page is becoming longer and longer as i type, and it's really freaking me out. shit.

ok it stopped.

so, life back at school has been nice and chill so far. mon i got back, paid an extortionate amount of money for a cab from jfk ($400!!!!!!!!!!!) and had dinner with the usual ppl. was nice seeing them again :). then i forced myself into jetlagged somin's room and unleashed my super junior love unto her fatugued ears. shiok. and she introduced me to big bang!!!! new band to obsess over whee.

tues i had nice breakfast with shirin on main street and bought shitload of groceries. (10 bottles of soap and shampoo k HAHAHA like refugee liddat. but this means i... never need to buy them for the rest of the semester. CREVER HOR.) oh and an ipod player for my room! i blasted korean songs the whole of yesterday, think my roommate hates me now. had IMS job meeting, and it says a lot about the company i keep when i found... most of my friends there. harharhar. NEH MIND. AZN POWER YO. anyway. after that hung out at chinese house for a while for want of nothing better to do. there, i introduced nate to the gorgeousness that is kangin and marvelled at andrew's ecuador pictures. i must go ecuador, even if i might be struck dead by lyme disease. and zen, went for dinner and free movie. isaac suggested... cloverfield. and we all stupidly followed.


si3 isaac. hahaha. oh but we make pact to watch at least one movie at the cinema every week. very assciting. won't be movie noob anymore.

today was first day of classes, had french and Hansel & Gretel and Co. I LOVE HANSEL AND GRETEL AND C0, WARRAOZ. damn interesting! my assign for next class is to... read 10 fairy tales. and i am going to learn about rape and incest in The Little Red Riding Hood. SHIOKKKKKKKKKKKKKK :DDDDDDDDDD

went down to buy books with somin and isaac, and spent as;jdfhlasjkdhfljaksdhfklajshdf $432 on ads;jfhasjdhfkjsdfhasf books. EXTORTION OK EXTORTION WAH LAU.

then eric called after being the antisocial korean for the past 3 days and went to dinner at summerfields, which sucked ass. i miss home food alr. so we commiserated over how we miss home and hate smelly bai2 ren2s.

OMG HERE IS AMAZING FACT. Ok if you are not fan of kpop and super junior, fact is not amazing and is actually boring. but if you are.... eric's classmate from 5th to 9th grade was Jessica from Generation Girl. Jessica dated Donghae and Kangin before. SO THERE ARE ONLY 4 DEGREES OF SEPARATION BETWEEN ME AND DONGHAE AND KANGIN SADFOINAS;LDJFHASLKJDHFKAJSHDFAKJSHDF MY HANDS ARE SHIVERING AS I TYPE THIS OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.

in case you do not know, or forget, this is donghae:

and this is... love.

me: OMG. can you PLSPLSPLSPLSPLS call her up and ask her to introduce her ex boyfriends to me
eric: uh, i cannot do that.
me: WHY
eric: cos she hates me. and i hate her. i stole her pants and threw them away.


ok now i am in the computer lab, as job. this is why post is so long hor.


this weekend i signed up for 2 day intensive investment banking course. it cost $200 and promises to be one of the most mind-numbing experiences of my life, from 8.45am to 5pm. for example, one component is 'how to use excel to micro-manage accounts' or some shitcrap like that. OH THE PAIN. FATHER, I AM DOING THIS ONLY FOR YOU. i shall rely on erwin and isaac, fellow self-mutilators, to get me through the 2 days of drudgery.

k now i must go do... headcount. and start on french homework. eric told me that if i get 4.0GPA this sem, my dismal GPA can be pulled up to... 3.6. STILL. SO. LOW. SIAN, JI, PUA.

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