Saturday, May 17, 2008


it is raining and cold and the com lab is empty except for me and pyungah and i do not want to do essay anymore. especially since 3/4 of the school has left.


yesterday was the official last day of school and in a bid to not use my brain, i wasted the whole day very pleasantly. it was a good day amidst a hellish week and i would like to record it for posterity, or until the internet implodes.

so. woke up late, went for farewell lunch with siyou isaac and erwin before the two guys left for russia and potential death. (ok sorry. choi.). zen... went to borrow books from library, which was fun. i dunno why i like walking around stacks of books, it is just very lonely and pleasant and nice. i also like the smell. musty..... books....... (ok i am trying to sound like salad fingers but that one a bit difficult la hor.) ANYWAY. went to siyou's balcony to have afternoon wine with her and jega whom i have seen too little off this semester. had nice long conversation with gleeful bitching. being bitch damn fun leh, will go to hell BUT SO WORTH IT. after that, went to collect stuff from gym with ruby, then went for dinner with rheesoo nicolas shirin and james. a lot of inappropriate penis talk ensued, as is always the case when james is around. then.. went to linda's room and hung out for a while until rudi came. tried on her clothes in various permutations. was very ugly, shirin pointed at me and laughed many times. ah well. such is life.

sue called, went to chinese house for bubble tea, little children (THE MOVIE HOR, NOT REAL CHILDREN) and then dumpling soup, courtesy of andrew. love the dumplings, love the soup. (inside got ikan bilis............) went to japanese hall for semi-party after, was late, got carded by police even though didn't drink a drop. such is life again. hung out with eric until wee hours of morning before he had to leave, then sat by foss hill in the dreamy dawn light with linda and rudi, laughing like an idiot partly due to her smoke and partly due to tiredness.

and today i awoke to a frenzy of packing and shitty weather. so life sucketh again.
k must write essay. bye.

ps. oh last night my school got huge drama. police tried to break up big end of semester party by shooting rubber pellets, tear gassing ppl and.... TASER GUNS. HARHARHARHA TASER GUNS DAMN FUNNY OMG. POLICE SIAO IZZIT. zzzzzzt ppl very fun ah. crazy. we appeared on real news. so excite.

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