Friday, May 23, 2008

ah the life of a sloth.

he is going to see me play japanese drum leh. hahahahahahaahaha the absurdity of my life... win.

ok now back to my very politically apathetic life.
it is great, this feeling of having absolutely nothing to do. i love it omg.

- woke up late
- went for taiko practice late
- taiko professor told me i am good student and he wants me to continue next yr heheh.
- had instant noodles lunch at AAA, cooked by yinhow haha
- did storage, had some adventures, called firemen to save us. (not as interesting as it sounds, believe me.)
- HAD BAH KUT TEH FOR DINNER AGAIN. WHEEHEE. me and siyou cooked prima fried hokkien noodles with er, pasta. haha not bad la. sat around with luke andrew sarah ivy yinhow for a loong time and, strangely, talked a lot about animals. was fun.
- rudi came a-knocking and we went to watch forgetting sarah marshall, was nicely entertaining. got... fat nekkid man la. that one alr entertaining enough. OK JK JK.
- came back to AAA, hung out with dinner ppl for a while more, then went to sleep.

- woke up late
- went for long lazy brunch on main street with siyou and shirin
- did some errands (which are fun, COS THEY INVOLVE GREECE), went back to school.
- andrew called, went for 'tea' even though i now resemble a talking blob of fat. (keep eating lehhhh. nothing to do i eat, stressed i eat. HOW. HOW TO GO GREECE LIDDAT.)
- now am in room, about to take nap. then... dinner and perhaps some alcoholic indulgence in j-hall.

must repeat: ah the life of a sloth.

ps. my econ grade sucks though. sian. I TRIED LOR, I TRIED.

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