Saturday, June 7, 2008

of greece and passports

so i am back from my very unnecessarily truncated holiday. greece was AMAZING. how can such a beautiful country exist, i know not. to recount 12 days of fun would be vomit-inducing, so i shall do this in point form.

first, the bad:
- stepped into entrance hall, was accosted by two bearded, dubious looking men who identified themselves as police. i thought they bluff, so i said 'no, you are not the police'. to cut long and embarrassing story short, they brought me to interrogation room and went through my luggage, while i stood to one side very mortifiedly. greece police saw my kahpuang leh. fainted.
- almost pickpocketed in the streets
- lost freaking passport and wallet.
- the overabundance of cats
- the stupid exchange rate of the euro
- extremely horny men

however, there was many many of the good to eclipse the bad:
- the greek gods walking around the streets
- the food, oh the food. moussaka and souvlaki and grilled pork and lamb and eggplants
- the sugar cube houses and winding passages and insanely blue beaches at mykonos
- the very international clubs at mykonos
- watching the sunset at a seaside bar while sipping on a strawberry margarita at little venice
- making friends with random (good looking) greek men: most memorably, manos.
- cooking very rudimentary meals in our hotel rooms
- old greek men
- riding a donkey in santorini (THAT IS MY LIFE DREAM FULFILLED, RIGHT THERE.) up a cliff overlooking the sea.
- swimming in hot springs near a volcano
- walking on a volcano and inhaling the sulphur
- watching the sunset in Oia
- playing cards for 8 hours on a ferry
- traipsing through the acropolis and being awed by the ancientness of it all
- rambling through the ruins at delphi
- sitting at a cafe appreciating the beauty of the santorini cliffs while sipping on greek iced coffee
- watching sex and the city on a rooftop at Plaka overlooking the acropolis.
- rolling around on black volcanic sand at Perissa, Santorini to emulate muachee.
- nuaing on a beach for 6 hours while staring at little spanish boys

so, all in all, it is excellent trip. is like journey of life. we really do everything lor, go police station also got. go singapore consulate also got. win.

photos soon, when rachel gets back and i can steal photos from her camera. cos i have... none. :(

so now while my entire family is in russia, i am rotting at home without a phone. that is not to say i hate it. I LOVE HOME. in the airport when i was finally surrounded by singlish good and proper, i kept ahrmchio-ing to myself. i love it.

today went to east coast with aunt and cousins for dinner. I DIED. first time in forever i had lala and stingray and hokkien mee and satay beehoon and oh luak and grilled chicken wings oh god it was good. AND I STILL HAVE A LOT MORE TO CONQUER. singapore food, i worship thee. walking around east coast after dinner was very nice also, i love the smell of home air! and ppl in fbts and pok clothing made me very happy.


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