Tuesday, May 13, 2008

something i found while researching for fairy tales class

from the book 'Ancient Tales in Modern Japan'

The Clam Wife

Once upon a time there was a married man. A lovely bride came to his place from somewhere. He set out for work every morning and returned in the evening. After his bride came, the taste of his food greatly improved - the bean soup he had made before had never once tasted good, but now it was fine. He was mystified by how she was able to make such good soup.

One day he pretended to go to work, but he hid behind his house to see. His bride got out her earthenware bowl and put lumps of bean paste into it and started to crush them. When the paste was smooth, she spread her legs and urinated onto it.

The man was furious and drove her right away. His bride tried to apologize, but he would not forgive her. Then she turned into a big clam and started to move slowly away. The bean soup was good because he had clam juice in it.


i have... no words la. 'a lovely bride came from somewhere' 'she turned into a big clam and started to move slowly away' lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

i love the japanese.

ok this just took up 10 minutes of my time. win.

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