Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i only have 173 posts.

how can this be.

last two days were spent very fruitfully in big apple (wah. got pun leh.) with assorted group of ppl. unfortunately, no pictures cos i couldn't be bothered. i have to start taking pictures omg ok this very v boring sorry.

so. sun left sch with shirin rudi siyou thomas and jenny. had lunch at random deli in times square, didn't manage to buy chicago tickets, then me and siyou got sick of it all and went to museum of modern art. was damn interesting omg. there was amazing exhibition by some danish-scandinavian dude (haha my philistine-ness is overwhelming) about perception and awareness and got one portion where everything was illuminated by yellow light and it all looked monochrome. damn interesting la, i wish my brain worked like that :(

zen... met rachel! for ramen dinner and Italian dessert. all was good. played very exciting game of thinking of V words for too long with rachel thomas patrick, much to the ire of our other companions.

spent the night at sampoorna's v nice ny apartment, then mon woke up for dim sum lunch (!) (GOT FRIED RICE WITH EGG WHITE. WAS GOOD AND OILY AND TASTY AND OILY :D:D:D), went shopping for a bit, went to K-town to get some sotong kimchi, then went to serendipity for dinner and dessert, then back to times square for Chicago! which was damn nice! the women in black garters ah...................

after that, came back to sch, crashed at 5 am, and am now packing. ah, the downs after the ups are very very down. ok i dunno what i am saying.


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