Wednesday, March 26, 2008

zomg so much shit to do

everytime i am tempted to slack off i think of the amount of money my father is paying for school and feel INSANELY guilty. then, i do something like come online and blog. i hate myself la omg.

it is now midnight and i have to read a novella of indecipherable french, 70 pages of communist ramblings and write a response paper for Goethe's Fairy Tale. and tomorrow, this is my schedule:
10am-12pm: work at CFA
1-4pm: class
4.30-7pm: water polo game against coast guard school. look at name of school. think can win not.
8.30-9.30pm: taiko session
9.30-11.30pm: dance practice for mabuhay

omg want to faint and dieded now, please.

still to do: get russian visa, book flights for summer, write application for Exco position in CCA. cheebs.

i am so happy isaac eric paul somin and siyou are back. SO HAPPY omg. the relief. can be bitchy and rude again.

in other news, i got 200 bucks in the mail today!!! shiok. this pays for my impulsive online buys yesterday.

the song Lost Without You by robin thicke is sexiest shit EVER. pants can fall down with the sexiness ok wah lau.

nah, listen prease. will drool ok WILL DROOL. i listen ten times on loop alr.

ok now must really work. MUST. BYE.

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