Friday, March 21, 2008

i blog when bored

another day on campus, another day of er, finding things to do.

oh but i woke up and found christine online and we skyped! vairy hairpee!!!! even though never see hide nor hair for like, 3 months, we were wearing fbt shorts, with big shirt, wearing glasses and eating pocky and talking to each other across continents. win. hee.

and zen, went to adong with nate and sue, where i went insane buying things like daogay, pocky, coconut jelly, organics shampoo, milo, cheecheongfun, and fresh prawns zomg. spent a bit too much, but whatever. the pocky, and the wangwang, and the keropok, are worth it.

came back and spent a very fun and stressful 2+ hours cooking laksa and meesiam prima deli mixes (damn authentic lor, i fry tofu and cut spring onions and boil egg and cook fishballs and shit. also, the prima mixes are freaking pwnage! laksa package got bloody guchye summore ok. hahaha win.). sue and nate and chanyoung made korean food: japchae (which is basically tanghoon) and miso soup and fried pork. and then we ate. and ate and ate and ate. and somin and eric and luke came and ate too. was nice!

after that watched er, enchanted, which is not as bad or good as people say it is. it is normal. that it my verdict. ok no one cares.

then was bored after that, so me and sue made bubble tea. boil pearls and all. it turned out damn nice la wah lau i can quit school and become hawker alr. will have rolex watch, gold tooth and drive bmw one lor. but after i consumed the bubble tea and it was no more, my life had no more meaning again so i bothered andrew in his room until he wanted to sleep so i came back to lonely room and watched korean drama again.

ah, life in the rural backwaters of new england.

tomorrow.... movie marathon in middle(of fucking nowhere)town cinema with shirin and rudi, then marathon futurama session with carlo. hopefully that will take up the whole day. but first! gym! -.-

ooh summer plans are looking very exciting. i hope it happens. PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN. shall not say anything here so won't jinx.

ok it is fucking 4.08am what the hell am i doing WHAT AM I DOING. it is so easy to waste life away.

must sleep. night.

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