Sunday, March 2, 2008


so it is about time i updated about spice girls aka Best Concert In Life Not Cos Of Props Or Amazing Pyrotechnics But For Its Sentimental And Emotional Value.

one thing i learnt that night too: there are angmoh lians after all. can wear gold leggings and forever 21 loose top wth sports bra ON TOP. win la, win.

ANYWAY. concert was damn damn damn good, i have never not been bored at a concert before! they sang all their songs AND I KNEW EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE LYRICS. a bit loser la, cos i was the only one screaming along to Viva Forever and Stop, but DAMN FUN. then got middle portion when they all sang solos. Sporty sang I Turn To You, Scary some Lenny Kravitz cover (with a microphone whip harharhar), Geri It's Raining Men (Jega flipped out) , Baby sang Maybe and Victoria.... MODEL DOWN THE STAGE FOR 10 SECONDS HAHAHAHAHAHA LOSER. her children were there btw, very cute.

and at the end, we all ran to stage and stole confetti. CONFETTI THAT HAS BEEN ON THE SAME STAGE AS THE SPICE GIRLS. THE CONFETTI WIN.

ok photos. very angry, photos are damn lousy and cannot convey ANYTHING about the night but... will try.

when they first came out with spice up your life, i SCREAM LIKE PARIAH OK. me and jega scream and jump for like er, 2 minutes non-stop. legs and lungs damn pain after, but SO EXCITED. is like child.

lady is a vamp

2 become 1. dance until damn chio.

baby spice's solo, Maybe.

ok blogger is being a freaking bitch so i do not know what photos are up. just enlarge them and feast on the amazingness ok. if you can spot an asian dancer, he is hot and his name is... nguyen. just nguyen. hahaha ok i do not know why that is funny.

OK NOW THAT MIDTERMS ARE OVER I CAN BREATHEEEEEEEEEE. so the past few weeks have been pretty uneventful cos have been busy working studying hanging out (in library harhar.) and swimming and shit.

BUT. this spring break better be awesome man. plans for the next two weeks:
- puerto rico!!!!!
- 1-2 days in NY. eric's grand plan: wake up early, reach there by noon, eat jap ramen in astor place, CUT HAIRRRRRRR, shop, then bbq in ktown nyeheheheheh.
- cultural exchange day: nate drive us to asian supermarket, buy asian stuff, i cook singapore dish for sue and she cook korean food for me.
- drunk night with ruby and co.
- drunk night with linda and rudi & co

ok just came back from PHO (phophophophopho!) with isaac siyou erwin. now off to sue's birthday thing, then paul/isaac's room for some well-deserved thursday night alcohol, then mebbe mahjong with tx. excellent, this after exams thing. excellent.

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