Sunday, March 16, 2008


so, puerto rico was great. it consisted mainly of lying on the beach, soaking up the much-missed sun, making fun of thomas, eatin' chicken and rice and beans, home-cooked food, and listening to the 50 first dates soundtrack.

cos i am lazy and sleepy, shall summarize:
day 1 - woke up late after red-eye flight, then just spent entire day at an impossibly blue beach near melina's house. was bitch-slapped by waves, watched erwin attempt to climb a coconut tree, and took many photos on rocks. went home in evening, luke cooked thai curry and ting cooked coke chicken and went happily to sleep.

day 2 - spent entire day in san juan, the capital of PR. the houses were pastel and gorgeous, went to a pretty cemetery, patronised a quaint little pastry shop, fooled around on an impossibly green field. tried going to bacardi factory but the bitch was closed. WHY DOES THE LORD PREVENT ME FROM IMBIBING ALCOHOL, WHY. anyway. went back to melina's where noumaan (who was referred throughout the trip by Melina's hilariously un-PC father as Paki (short for pakistani harharhar)) cooked instant curry (alternative name coined by father: PAKI PACKET HAHAHA. i love it la, the political uncorrectness.) and andrew cooked ecuadorean chicken. DAMN SHIOK, after that fat fat went to sleep. heeheehee. i love sleeping when fatfat la. happy until giggle one.

day 3 - took ferry to Culebra, small island off PR. woke up at ungodly hour of 4.30am :(:( but when we arrived.... WAS FREAKING WORTH IT. had roast chicken for lunch which is always, always, shiok, went to the more impossibly blue beach and spent the whole day there lazing around in water, jumping on huge waves, swallowing water, snorkeling, sleeping on the beach, INHALING TWO MANGO SMOOTHIES IN QUICK SUCCESSION, eating chicken kebabs, and burying andrew in the sand (we gave him J-cup breasts and a cone shaped penis, which quickly collapsed into a va-jay-jay, which then became a er... komodo dragon, just because. dunno la. the brain of luke is a mystery).

interesting fact: have you ever noticed that sand-men always, inevitably, end up as hermaphrodites. testament to the maturity of the human mind, eh.

went back to our beach apartment, had bbq dinner while playing cranium - found out that it is insanely difficult to hum 'oops i did it again' and that jenny thinks that zorro is an extinct animal. went back to the beach to hang out and THE STARS FILLED THE SKY. can see orion and big dipper that kind, wah lau. and i saw a shooting star! was quietly very happy :D

day 4 - spent entire day just driving back to Ponce. had mega dinner, where melina's parents cooked some Puerto Rican traditional chicken stew and baked salmon and noumaan used another Paki Packet. went out after that to downtown Ponce to the er, clarbing area. a group of 14 asians walking around was apparently an unimaginable sight to the locals. ppl TURN AROUND to stare at us lor, felt damn exotic. came back, hung out on the roof with a trampoline and some alcohol.

(my house next time must have trampoline room. MUST.)

day 5 - with half of us gone, we went to a waterfall where er, i v embarrassingly took half an hour to muster up the courage to jump off rock ledge into the water. WAS CRIPPLED WITH THE FEAR OMG. got nice man called bryan take video of all of us, and is going to send me them. heh. video of me falling damn unglamly into the water on my ass will probably arrive in mail soon. WE CAN THEN ALL HAVE A RIGHT LAUGH AT THE GIRL WHO CANNOT DIVE. after that, went hiking up a mountain expressly for the purpose of making ourselves hungry for dinner, WHICH WAS VARIOUS FRIED MEATS AT A PUERTO RICAN EATERY. omg. tired and sore and muddy, then eat fried chicken and fried pork and beef and fried bananas and piƱa colada IS BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD. was very very very happy. the pork was like zicha pork manz. cannot take it, after a while can feel the heart stopping and the arteries choking BUT CANNOT STOP. then after that not enough, so went to have chocolate cake with ice-cream at another restaurant. heheheh. arteries pop alr.


ok that was written when i got back. and i er, forgot to post, cos got distracted by nap. lazy to put up photos, if you are so inclined, they are on facebook. or shall put them up one day when i am bored out of skull.

so life after puerto rico ain't bad either, mainly cos it comprises mostly eating.
on sun went to main street with shirin to eat nice brunch at cafe, went back to sleep, woke up for pho at main street again with bunch of people. then... skyped jerrine at night! finally! was very very very to the power of infinity nice! commiserated about many things, and made each other itchy by staring into the camera very intensely. hahaha. I heart fiends. :) and i miss fiends. :(

and now... i'm in new york! left school in the morning to go to malaysian restaurant. ADS;FJADKSFJHAKJLSDFHKLAJSDFHJKADFHAJK MALAYSIAN RESTAURANT! IN NEW HAVEN! kinyan mark rheesoo nate sue james sarah chanyoung came along and we had:
char kuay teow
nasi lemak
mango chicken (dunno why the hell this is malaysian)
beef rendang
roti prata
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the mouth waters and dies with the happiness. the tongue has orgasm. the saliva drips down chin.
was so so so so so so so so so happy, like you wouldn't believe.

and the restaurant had a lot of angklungs for decoration, which i played with very excitedly. NAT AND NAOMIN AND SK AND JERRINE, A SHOUT OUT TO YOU!

after that, nate drove us to Flushing, NY, where nice senior, Diana, brought me sue nate chanyoung for 'best' bubble tea in NY! was damn shiok man, the pearls ah.................................
after that, we had a lot of fun exploring asian central by ourselves. went to korean supermarket where i was extremely happy browsing korean foodstuff with sue and chanyoung's expert korean advice. heeheehee. and then to korean bookstore, where i happily learnt many korean words. then walked down chinese street WHERE I BOUGHT ROAST DUCK ZOMG. AND THEN. we went to korean restaurant where we had BBQ BULGOGI AND KIMCHI STEW STEAMBOAT OMG I AM SO HAPPY AND SO FAT NOW I CANNOT TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the most pleased my stomach and mouth have ever been.

tmr if all goes acc to plan, am going to Manhattan to meet james to have chinese dumplings , then shop, then after that meet nate and co for amazing pork ramen and teppanyaki, then back to school.

and thurs i am going to cook prawn noodles and mee siam. and eat sue's korean japchae and bbq pork.

er, the obesity approaches. i scared.

ok need to shower now, cos smell of pork. and entry damn long alr, soz. bye!

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