Sunday, March 23, 2008

new york, new york

today was great. last night, after leaving the busted 'innocent gathering' in carlo's room, cosmic coincidence and mighty fate and divine intervention dictated that rachel, christine, shirin and me (of the 'appear offline' disease) appeared online at the SAME TIME at 1.45am and we decided on spur of moment to meet in NY, today. WAS SO HAPPY. had to wake up at 7am though.

BUT. hauling ass out of bed in ungodly cold and paying taxi extortionate amounts of money were worth it!!!! rachel was v good host for me shirin and jabir, all of country bumpkin status. here is what we did, in chronological order:
- met rachel, brought us to 32nd street aka KTOWN nyeheheh. ate at shanghai mong, where i had damn good msg-laden fried rice with kimchi and fish roe. wah lau. damn nice la. and was surrounded by hangul. and again, we shouted until angmohnang look at us. no matter where we are in the world ah..... is same.
- went to union square where at 3pm sharp there was a NEW YORK CITY PILLOW FIGHT. WHY GOT PPL ORGANIZE THESE KIND OF THINGS ONE. how to not love a city like that, how. people BRING their own pillows and sit patiently around the square for fight to start, leh. i spotted: drunken santas, a chicken man, a braveheart, a humongous tuna fish pillow, a pikachu pillow, and a victorian princess, among others. AIYOH is the only response la. when the fight started... it was chaos. feathers sort of poufed into the sky, damn chio.

the infamous tuna pillow.
rachel: *trying to find patrick in the fray* look for the giant fish! LOOK FOR THE GIANT FISH!



- oh before fight started, we stood at a freaking dog pen for very long, staring at dogs. ok it sounds damn boring here but THE DOGS IN THE PEN WERE DAMN CUTE LA I GIGGLE FOR 15 MINTUES LOR.

- after fight ended, we walked to Magnolia bakery in Greenwich for these bad babies:
had to wait for like half an hour, but whatever.

along the way, i was accosted many times by the heinous and effusive chinese of patrick, who er, called me dabian la. dunno why. apparently, i am related to this:

it is a lump of shit, who is also my sister.
i....... dunno la. dunno.

greenwich village townhouses! so pretty omg i must live there one day. must la, but cannot. sianjipua.

then, we sat at a park for a while eating the muffins in nice sunlight and talking about... queefs and the like. then, tried to visit hudson river but was too cold. so. went to the SATC sex shop (the one with The Bunny) and were fascinated by the... products.

somehow, the sex shop put us on the mood for dinner so we ate at damn nice Scandinavian restaurant where i had Swedish meatballs WITH JAM :D:D:D. happy bitch, i was.

then after that had to leave the beauty that is NY alr, even though the fibres of my being were telling me to stay with rachel at columbarium and watch star wars till the wee hours of the morn. came back, showered, went for nong's birthday and drank a little, and am back again.


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