Friday, March 28, 2008


i love the all-encompassing exhaustion that follows after a day of madwhirlwind rushing. such a good brand of tiredness, i want to bottle it.

this is why i am holding on for a bit longer before i crash and die on my warm soft bed with Bobby. (bobby is kahpuang, don't misunderstand hor thanks.)

skyped with jasmine today, whom i haven't seen for like, a bloody year. the familiarity is overwhelmingly comforting. also, comfortingly overwhelming.

home beckons. this is the time where i start to forget my parents' faces again and my mind's eye squints to remember Nemo's exact features.

BUT. wanderlust cannot be sated so i am going to TRAVEL MY ASS OFF THIS SUMMER before going home for good. so excited omg. russiagreeceamsterdamcambodiavietnam. these words roll off my tongue like coins into a wishing well.

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