Monday, March 31, 2008

alas, regret

after an entire weekend of doing everything but studying, i am filled with self-loathing on this cold dark monday morning, 1.27am, with naught but a french midterm to usher me into this new week.


friday was tx's/eric's/james' joint birthday bash and it was, to say the least, bloody madness. went to james' room to pregame very noisily, then to senior fauver where every single azn on campus was congregated very drunkenly. birthday boys passed out, an ambulance was needed, and i created a mess in my friend's apartment, talked to everyone there, and stole my friend's bag. ah, the folly of youth.

sat woke up with monster hangover, so stayed in bed and watched korean drama until the sun threatened to set on me. andrew invited us over for food - he cooked hak cheong gai (asdfjaskjdfhakjsh shiok), luke made horfun, i made meekia and siyou made... milo. was nice long alcohol-less dinner which lasted until 10, then went over to tx's house to visit.

today, cooked dinner at senior fauver with tx to repent for our... indiscretions. chicken curry and asparagus! i fried the asparagus! it was good!

and now i am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so dead for tmr. so, bye.

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