Friday, April 11, 2008

wah shit so bored and, i love old music!

playlist for tonight:
Everything I Own - Bread
Without You - Air Supply
Everlasting Love - Andy Gibb
More Than A Woman - The Beegees
Rocket Man - Elton John
Who's Crying Now - The Journey
Make It With You - Bread
Baby Come Back - Player
Babe - Styx
New Kid In Town - Eagles

this is the only thing getting me through this long cold night of writing french essay.

old songs always bring me back to sitting in father's car on saturday nights. i know i've said this before but I love the feeling of complete comfort and fullness and security after a simple dinner at a hawker centre with my family, then letting parents take care of getting us back home safely, plopping in front of the tv and eating grapes while watching HBO.

sometimes independence is overrated. sometimes.

i sent my parents an email telling them i missed them, and the last sentence of my father's reply is this: 'you have to deliver the grades'.

those 6 words make me unimaginably sad.

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