Wednesday, April 9, 2008

still alive

hello, all ye five people who care about my wellbeing. i am alive, but just barely.

went to middlebury for the weekend for HELLISH water polo tournament. got kicked in crotch and grabbed on boob by huge yale women. scary shit. lost all games, needless to say.

this week is also hellish. i just need to survive the french essay, econ midterm, water polo championships (-.-), dance practices, jobs, mabuhay meetings, taiko practice and homework.

greece (and seoul. heheh.) lonely planet guidebooks came in mail today. NYEHEHEHE SO FUNNNN. i just wanna sit on foss hill in the sun and plan trip and highlight things but... cannot. sucks.

weather is getting better though! this makes me happy. ok that is all. my life is boring shit.

k bye. must read french again. merdeputainsallopecannard.

if you don't hear from me by this sunday night, it means i have met my watery death at the hands of a college butch with monster arms. :(

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