Friday, April 11, 2008


econ midterm today, which means last night had.. minimal sleep.

studied with andrew in chinese house until wee hours, which wasn't very productive cos we... blind leading blind la.

however, we discussed primary school oral. DAMN FUNNY OK.

i remember the days when we had to look at a picture and say things like
'this seems to be a picture of a kitchen. there is a girl standing to the upper-right hand corner, and she looks uncertain. maybe she does not know what to cook'
'perhaps an accident has just occurred. the cars are overturned, and the man sitting on the ground seems to have blood on his knees'

SO STUPID. WHY MUST DO THINGS LIKE THIS. and it got worse with chinese, but i shall not go there.

in other news, i have been listening to v v nais old songs, by like chicago and air supply and the beegees. i don't know why they make me SO HAPPY. i am, after all, an old man under this youthful exterior.

ok. now the rest of the day looms ahead. weather nice like sai, but cannot sit on grass, cos am busy fuck :( must go. Bye!

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