Wednesday, April 16, 2008


ok days like these negate nights like the last. (sorry my engrish spoyl.) today wasn't eventful or exciting, but nice and lazy and useful. i shall micro-blog now, just cos i am sleepy and do not want to start studying for french, which i swear, is taking over my life.

so. today only had econ class, where i got back test with miracle score of A-. AM NOT FAILURE. after that worked in CFA, where almost fell asleep over... letterheads and event forms. eric called and almost walked me to main street to get bloody social security number before i felt bad and chased him away. got SSN. FINA-FUCKING-LLY. bought cornflakes from pharmacy, came back, filed taxes ON TIME, Y'ALL, chatted with carlo for a bit. went to paclab to meet somin, dragged her to sit on foss hill cos the weather today was bloody nice and balmy. as singaporeans would say, it was feng1 he2 ri4 li4. met mikako, james and ruby and sat there for a nice long while. MY FACE GOT TAN. HAH. I LOVE IT. VITAMIN D FLOWS THROUGH MY VEINS ONCE MORE. siyou came, went for dinner at star and crescent with isaac. after dinner, siyou left for class and i sat on foss hill for a while again with isaac, eating kosher sweets which tasted suspiciously taiwanese. left foss hill, went to paul's room to chat for a while cos he is, again, a hermit, left to do my laundry, and am now in my room. if you have bothered to read until here, YOU HAVE PASSED THE TEST OF FRIENDSHIP. pls tag board to get prize.

ok now really must study, dammit. byebye!

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