Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so lazy to blog

but i will, cos i have 20 minutes to econ TA and i have nothing more to do on the internet.

so. friday was hectic day of mabuhay preparations, but the performances were damn fun! i do fan dance and indonesian tarian-like thing, all the while discovering my inner exhibitionist. heheh. damn fun performing lor. mebbe by senior yr i do... naked dance la. after that went late to japanese hall pre-gaming thing, got drunk, then headed over to the mabuhay after-party for some... lancing lancing. was v comfortable fun cos i was squished in the midst of friends all the time. no nonsense orhlang or angmohgui try and touch touch. GOOD.

and zen, saturday. woke up late, pho with eric and somin. wasted afternoon away doing dunno WHAT also, then at night was singaporean bbq!!! a lot of high-quality meat entered my body, damn shiok la. ok that sentence damn lousy, but whatevs. beef steak and lamb chop and sausage and corn (haha i love calling corn 'jagong' SO UGLY ok the name wah lau.) WOOZ.

after bbq, wandered around sch with motley crew of singaporeans.. andrew luke mark andrew's cousin, trying to find something to do on campus at 11pm. nothing to do. ended up in luke's room with jenny and siyou talking about funny nothings till the wee hours of the morn.

sunday was 4/20! didn't smoke, but sat on hill in nice weather with ppl. was very nice running around hill and finding ppl to talk to everywhere, cos EVERYONE was on hill. got cloud of pot in the air, which was funny and gave me a sore throat. at 4.20 pm on the dot, everyone started lighting up then... suddenly got banana run across field. then... got gorilla chasing the banana. then.... got naked bunch of ppl chase the gorilla. then.... a marching band came one. hahaha i love it la.

ok i very efficiently wasted 12 minutes. now must go learn about indonesian factories and the general satisfaction of their workers. WHY DOES THIS MATTER, IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS. ACTUALLY, WHY DOES THIS MATTER, PERIOD.

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