Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the name of procrastination

I have sat in front of my computer for the entire day and the only time when my keyboard clacks so quickly and productively is when i am... blogging. ergo, it has not clacked quickly or productively all day :(((((.

ahead: packing my wesleyan life into boxes again, french final paper, COL final paper, korean final, econ final (DEATHDEATHDEATH), forensic geology final, frenetic meals with people i will not see for 8 months/1 yr/ever.

it is insane how long this semester has been and how it has flown by. i forget details of things that have happened at the begining of september, but the beginning of september seems just yesterday. memory is a strange thing.

had joint farewell party with erwin on monday night. almost everyone i wanted to come, came, and that is good enough. no matter how much i complain about this school and the people in it, there are some i am genuinely sad to leave behind. so... yay. not all is lost. also, i have received funny presents from assorted koreans/asians, so that was nice. so far i have received: taro bubble tea, shin ramen, a piece of paper with eric's face transposed onto an ugly man, porridge, an annotated korean Men's Health, and a paper flower.

teehee. ok now french essay calls to me. must heed. turrah.

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