Saturday, December 6, 2008

be back home VEREH VEREH SOON :D:D

hello christine. i blog for yooz again k.

i do not feel like i have anything of worth to say anymore, thus the lack of blogging. hell knows why i feel thus.

but for the sake of typing something down... this friday has been a nice one. as usual, taiko and horseriding made me happy again, even though i fell off high horse. literally hor, not metaphorically. have never been on metaphorical high horse, cos have no morals. K ANYWAY. came back, elena called, had semi-usual friday gathering of gal palz for dinner: me shirin linda and elena. then rushed to sch cinema with isaac and eric and dom for screening of dark knight! which i have watched twice but it gets better each time i watch it! the joker and the christian bale and the humanity! dieded. i also love the black prisoner who threw the detonator out of the window. a tear made its stupid way out at that point. hannyways... after that went to chinese house for bubble tea with sue somin and paul. felt very wholesome and family like, which is good. zen... came home to make mulled wine with erwin. heehee VERY NICE OMG. so we randomly put a bunch of shit in a pot of wine: orange peel and oranges, ginger slices, brown sugar and a lot a lot of cinammon powder. and then put on low heat. and then drank and watched 2 days in paris, with somin. and now after movie we are tipsy and thus have gone to our respecive rooms to sleep it off.


tomorrow night will be french hall party, GIRL TALK CONCERT IN SCH GYM WITH 1500 PPL WOO, sunday will be taiko performance and monday will be the last day of school. YAY.

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