Wednesday, June 27, 2007

waiting... waiting...

there's a freaking cockroach in my toilet so i cannot pee until it goes away so i am in front of the freaking computer. fuck. I TRIED TO BRUSH MY TEETH THEN IT ALMOST CRAWLED ON MY FREAKING FOOT. it is too late for things like this sia.

bandage party at olivia's house for edwin was hokay. i er, bandaged my eye cos my gauze wasn't long enough to bandage ankle. win. then seeing out of one eye made me damn sleepy so i threw it away. the gauze, i mean. not the eye.

tonight, as is common in every situation involving new people, i was established again as the 'girl with weird tendencies', the 'girl who is one of the guys', just because i displayed a healthy interest in Maxim magazine's 100 hottest hotties of 2007, cadavers, and wrestling. what the hell. if your medic student friend cuts open a dead body through the pelvis (with its legs in the air) using a saw with a bag over its head as a final approximation of respect, it is interesting, isn't it. i hate politeness. it's overrated.

i just realised a good majority of my friends, myself included, cannot manage our finances. or, more accurately, make a very conscious decision not to. this is scary and does not bode well for our futures.

this blog is shallower than an evaporated puddle/lindsay.
whatevs. i'm out. must check on roach.

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