Monday, June 25, 2007

back from the land of waxed duck and cow eyes

Ok am back for good. i love china. i fly there for free, get free lodging and free transport, tailor dirt-cheap cashmere coats, eat dirt cheap hotel food and buy lovely tacky fake mao era thingamabobs, aka this ->

and this ->

yes, it's an alarm clock with mao rallying his masses with his lil tiny special minute hand. loves it.

also visited jigong's cave in huangzhou. i saw his stone bed where he was made to sleep cos he was a lousy monk. he ate meat and drank wine, apparently. and roasted dogs over a small pit. i can empathise. apparently i was the only one who found it funny. xieshaoguang's face kept popping up, along with the delightfully unmelodious theme song. anyone born before 1988 confirm remember the song. confirm.

anyway. after visiting the good ol motherland three times, i have to say shanghai is not that much of a hellhole. (yes, i am a product of the West Is Best generation. deal.) quite nice actually, with the Bund looking pretty gorgeous at night. Eating dinner at a 56th storey restaurant 3/4 filled with Westerners offers a spectaccular view of neo-classical buildings and Art Deco hotels across the river. Pretty pretty. The buzz of the big city makes me happy. and heaven forbid, i saw h&m in a shopping mall. (it was kinda empty though.)

in China, i (very very accidentally) saw a woman squatting down to pee in a cubicle with a perfectly serviceable door which, apparently, escaped her notice. ugh. eyes spyol.

my father's driver still loves Maozedong.
he was made to recite Mao's Book of Quotations by a policeman at the side of the road as punishment for jaywalking.

my father, on me purchasing Mao's Book of Quotations: haha. why are you reading that? Mao is a stupid man. he says a lot of funny things.

ok. bandage party later. was thinking of bandaging my mouth. but, inconvenient eh. must talk one. must.

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