Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back from the Land Of Scarily Perfectly-Packaged Snacks

In an attempt to not give up on something I have started for once in my life, I shall update.

So. Japan was... nice. Though it didn't quite live up to the ideal I painted in my head before I went. I thought Tokyo would be this throbbing metropolis where it was always brightnight and neon lights, with freakishly-accoutred teenagers roaming the streets and sweating in fetish clubs in all their enviable youthful adandonment. But, no leh. It was more like Singapore than anything else, but with one or two token punks thrown in and an indecipherable language.

There is also a certain banal-ness to visiting all the tourist(trap) areas in a tour group. We get down the bus, stand prettily next to a waterfall, smile, then leave. No more about the country, the people, the culture known except that there is a waterfall somewhere in Hokkaido that looks nice.

Oh but Japan has a v high percentage of pretty pretty tofu boys! In slouchy school uniform! I stared. A lot.

And also a v high percentage of schoolgirls with sailormoon uniforms and (there is no other way to say this. 'round' is just not... circular enough) circle eyes. I swear. Perfect circles. Even Monet cannot draw.

Ok boring again. I presents the foe-toes.

These made me veryvery happy.

<- sea urchin, scallops, clams, and the ubiquitous sashimi. Glump. :D 6flavours of Hokkaido ice-cream, one of which is (I lie not) Laspberry. It tasted remarkably like raspberry though.

Freshest sashimi in the world, at a gorgeous little sushi bar in Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. CAN YOU FEEL IT MOVING. I CANNOT TAKE IT IT'S ZO FRESH.

Street ramen. Wah lau. 'Nuff said.

These (at some musical box museum) (see i said touring was banal) scared the bejeezus out of me.

My mother and me, me looking very out of my element.

Me and a... trishaw rider. I'm more in my element here eh. Love the shorts. There were a few more leggy, perfectly-coiffured gentlemen in spandax around, but cannot take picture cos mother around. Damn.

Snow in summer. I love hot chocolate in cold weather, even though that one cost 300 yen and tasted like piss.

This made me feel romantically lonely. View from hotel room.

And this was a very poor attempt at artistry after I got bored of feeling romantically lonely.
My god uploading pictures takes a shitload of time. Never again, so many.
You know what would be a superdeeduperbloodyshitass great job. Food photographer. Phwoar.
Also, food consultant. Also known as food hunter. Travel the world tasting food to bring back to celebrity chefs in 3 star michelin restaurants.
They do exist. Pls google.

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